Your conveyancing estimate – Sale & Purchase

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Transaction Type: Property Sale & Purchase

Sale Property Details

Address: {First Line of Address:6}
Postcode: {Postcode:7}
Sale Price: {Price:11}

Purchase Property Details

Address: {First Line of Address:13}
Postcode: {Postcode:14}
Sale Price: {Price:16}

Our Fees

Our fees will be: {Sales & Purchase Fees:80} + VAT
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There are other fees involved, know as disbursements.  These are unavoidable costs that will be the same whichever solicitor you use.
Here is a full breakdown of all expected costs including disbursements.

Sale Disbursements

Office copy entries: {Office Copy Entries:51}
Telegraphic transfer fees: {Telegraphic Transfer:56}

Purchase Disbursements

Local authority & Environmental & Drainage search package: {Local/Environment/Drainage:85}
Mining search: {Mining Fees:93}
Stamp Duty: {Stamp Duty Total:76}
Land Registry Fees: {Land Registry Total:74} *
Searches: £ 12
Telegraphic transfer fees: {Telegraphic Transfer:96}

Note: There is an extra disbursement of £13.50 plus VAT (£16.20 total) per person for identity checks. This isn’t included in your total cost below.

Total Cost Breakdown

Total Fees: {Sales & Purchase Fees:80}
VAT: {Sales & Purchase VAT:81}
Disbursements: {Sales & Purchase Disbursements:82}
Total Fees & Disbursements {Grand Total:71}

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1. We do not make an additional charge for acting for mortgagees or for dealing with the Stamp Duty Land Tax Form.
2. Local authority search fees vary between £61 and £175 dependant on the local authority.
3. A cost has been listed for environmental, mining and drainage searches. However they are not always necessary.
4. This is an indication of charges on the basis of details presently known. If the matter does not proceed to completion, work done and payments made up to that point remain chargeable.
5. The Land Registry fee may increase should we be unable to register online (first registration or complex matters).
6. Vat and other payments may be subject to alteration.
7. Stamp Duty is changing from 1st April 2016. If you own more than one property after this transaction the rate increases by {Second Home Stamp Surcharge:69}.

You shall require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This normally is arranged by your estate agent but if you require us to arrange for a report to be completed, please let us know.

If you are purchasing a leasehold property there may be additional fees payable to the Landlord and management company in respect of fees for Notice of Assignment, Deed of Covenant and apportionments of ground rent and service charge. We are unable to give you an online estimate of these until we receive the lease.

*First Registration, plots, council houses, new leases, are subject to an extra Land Register fee which breaks down as follows

£0-£80,000. £40 instead of £20
£80001-£100000. £80 instead of £40
£100001-£200,000 £190 instead of £95
£200001-£500000. £270 instead of £135
£500001-£1M. £540 instead of £270